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Elegant Kitchen Cabinets is a family-owned business which specializes in kitchen design and home renovation, from flooring to bathrooms. We’re located in San Carlos, servicing the Bay Area and Peninsula (San Francisco counties and surroundings, San Mateo counties and surroundings).

Our customers recognize that they don’t need to pay brand-name prices for incredible kitchen cabinets. Feel free to browse our cabinets and explore the site. We are your kitchen resource.

Red Oak


Anurag’s Oak Kitchen

February 3, 2007 · 2 Comments 

Anurag believes in simplicity and a modern look with the traditional influences from Oak kitchen cabinets. He loves having guests over, so this kitchen leaves plenty of room for a dining table. The stainless steel appliances fit in well with the emerald pearl countertops. Oak cabinets with modern simplicity [Read the full story]  Read More →

Beech Coffee


Beech Coffee with White Flower Countertops

January 28, 2007 · Leave a Comment 

Our cabinets can accommodate a kitchen of any size. Beech Coffee cabinets with White Flower full backsplash countertops. Brighter colors make a smaller kitchen seem bigger [Read the full story]  Read More →

Canadian Maple


Warmth and Light: Maple Cabinets

February 3, 2007 · 4 Comments 

The theme of this kitchen is warmth and light. The Giallo Florito granite countertop is a great complement to the light maple cabinets. Large glass doors display our client’s artistic tastes and hobbies. Glass cabinets with ceiling lights to display artistic tastes [Read the full story]  Read More →



Cherry Cabinets with Giallo Veneziano Countertops

January 25, 2007 · 9 Comments 

A beautiful kitchen with Shaker Cherry cabinets and Giallo Veneziano countertops and a full backsplash. We choose a rosy ceramic floor, with a design that wasn’t too busy, to complement his cabinets. Do you want to know what other cabinets go well with Giallo Veneziano? A contemporary kitchen with cherry cabinets [Read the full story]  Read More →

Granite Countertops

Granite countertops

Choosing a granite countertop is a daunting task. We've compiled images of our granite variations and colors. Several countertops have a link to a gallery showcasing cabinets of that granite choice; click them and have a look!

If you have any questions or would like a price quote, visit our showroom in San Carlos or contact us. We'll be happy to help you find the perfect granite for your kitchen.

Granite Countertop Articles

Sinks and Faucets

Sinks and Faucets

How will you know what size sink to buy?

Easiest way is to just ask us, because our sinks are standard sizes; a double sink will fit into our 33″ sink base stock cabinet, and our single sinks fit into smaller cabinets.

If you don’t have a stock cabinet, you can measure the inside width of your sink cabinet and the inside depth (front to back). These are know as the inner dimensions of your cabinet. Your sink needs to be smaller than these dimensions. If your sink is larger than these dimensions, many times a creative solution can be found. Just let us know.

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