Anurag’s Oak Kitchen

February 3, 2007 · Print This Article

Anurag believes in simplicity and a modern look with the traditional influences from Oak kitchen cabinets. He loves having guests over, so this kitchen leaves plenty of room for a dining table. The stainless steel appliances fit in well with the emerald pearl countertops.

Oak kitchen with fridge and range

Oak cabinets with modern simplicity


  • Cabinets: American Red Oak Raised Panel
  • Countertops: Emerald Pearl granite countertops

Oak kitchen doorwayOak kitchen sink and dishwasher


  • Guest

    Nice kitchen cabinets. I just put in oak cabinet and a dark countertop as well. However, this is, unfortunately, a poorly planned kitchen. The white door cuts the kitchen in half and looks totally out of place. I know that is something that cannot be helped. However, an island/bar set-up would have blocked the sight of the door and still allowed movement in the kitchen. Guests could have sat on barstools and had drinks while the cook was preparing meals, thus encouraging socializing. A nice set of lamps hanging over the island/bar would have given added ambiance and also helped block the sight of that white door. The sink is way on the other side of the room. It could have been placed in the island, thus providing a more functional work triangle. Is the cook going to carry a pot of hot water across the kitchen to pour it out, or fill it up again? Not convenient at all. Some lights under the cabinets to light up the countertop would have been nice as well as built-in ceiling spotlights with dimmers.

  • Curio cabinet

    I am too impressed with Anurag’s thoughts. The kitchen leaves lots of free space for staying and maintaining another whole bulk of dining table furniture.Still appliances with Oak cabinets is the attractive combination with white colored doors.