Why You Need A Double Sink

Undermount Doublesink

A double sink is more useful than a single sink

Are you wondering whether to install a single sink or a double sink for your kitchen remodel? Imagine the convenience of chopping up your carrots, and sweeping the carrot-end into a garbage disposal.

Switching to a double sink, after using a single sink for so long, is like gaining a helper in the kitchen who organizes your cleanup.

Nearly 80% of kitchen remodelers at Elegant Kitchen Cabinets choose a double sink. Although you can get large single sinks at a premium, double sinks are normally larger.

Double Sink Advantages

Double sinks have the following advantages over single sinks:

  • Normally larger, allowing two users
  • Second drain allows for garbage disposal
  • Organizes your pots, pans, and dishes for cleanup

A wide sink allows two people to clean dishes at the same time. The second basin normally has a garbage disposal attached to the drain. An undermount sink is useful because you can sweep food right into the basin, avoiding the topmount lip. For cleaning, you can fill one sink with a couple of inches of soapy water. Given the advantages of double sinks, when is the best time to upgrade?

Upgrade During Your Remodel

The best time to upgrade is when you’re already changing out your kitchen cabinets, because undermount sinks are impossible to remove without damaging the countertop. If your sink is a topmount, then it’s simple to change to a double sink.

How do you guys use your double sinks? Leave a comment and let me know!